The old garden

The old house came with a beautiful garden with rose hedges, fruit trees and a dam. They were willing to throw in a gardener but we wanted to do it ourselves, although we have wondered several times if that was the right choice.

We had big plans for the vegetable garden for mass production of tomatoes, basil and radishes.

3 responses to “The old garden

  1. I am so in love with your garden and your blog–So inspiring! I have just read every entry and feel as if I’ve had a virtual vacation, in my nightgown, with my perfectly brewed cup of espresso. I am heading out to play in my gardens and plant some babies that I received from a swap with my friend. Please keep writing as I am living vicariously through your words and stunning photos!

    • Thank you for your wonderful comments, Kim! Happy I could take you on a journey where you didn’t have to change your outfit and drink horrible airplane coffee! I will be blogging my German experience as long as we are here. Lots of fun trips to look forward to. Oktoberfest and Bavaria is just around the corner and we are there! We have also started planning trips to Paris, Rome, Venice and London so there are pictures and experiences to be shared in my very public diary.
      Hugs! Kim P – the other one!

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