Thrift shop

“Tante Pus” means Aunt Kitty in Norwegian and it is a wonderful nickname I picked up. Tante Pus (pronounced puuz) loves junk and the rougher and more banged up it is the more she loves it.

I have visited flea markets in the Emden area for several years now and here are some of my finds. Tante Pus sells junk that I have picked up from all over the place, out of her home in Haugesund, Norway. If you are in Norway and need some junk, by all means check out:

PS:  The site is in Norwegian, if you are in Haugesund, don’t speak Norwegian and need a translation, send me an email at

2 responses to “Thrift shop

  1. Hei!
    Ville bare si at det var veldig gøy å treffe deg på julemarkedet! Vasene og serveringsfatene jeg kjøpte av deg ble nydelige i leiligheten min 🙂

    Gleder meg til å følge med på mye funn!!

    Siri 🙂

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