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I am a dutiful wife following my husband around where ever his job takes him! This is my second tag-a-long adventure – this time to Emden, Germany! We have our permanent residence on the west coast of Norway.  My husband is from this area and I was grew up in Minnesota .

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We love photography, traveling, cooking and fixing up old things.  I like fixing up houses and furniture and he likes old German cars, specifically Porsche.  Emden is a great place to do all these things!

It is not always easy tagging along and trying to find something entertaining to do.  This blog is one of my projects to keep me out of the mall and generally out of trouble!

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More about me?

Read my interview with Thrift Core

My photos published online and sometimes in print at the Star Trib

This photo from Feøy was selected as one of the best reader photos for 2011, you can see all the photos here.

Pictures on this blog are taken by me (one or two are hubby’s) unless otherwise noted, credited and linked to original. Content is original and I do not receive any form for compensation for products described in various posts.

I have signed and do my darndest to adhere to the “Blog with integrity” pledge. If you feel there is something inappropriate here, please let me know by using the comment field or sending me an email.
 Why Wife -in captivity?
 If you are an expat or transplant you probably have a better understanding for the feeling of being dragged somewhere, not necessarily against your will but not necessarily your idea either. Once you are there, after you have given up friends, jobs, homes and maybe a lot of your belongings you may or may not feel like you are just a teeny bit trapped by your decision. No reflection on your spouse or his family or the city you moved to but maybe just a little stuck or captive by the choice you made. 
Deuteronomy 21:11-13
The Captivity of Marriage by Nora Johnson

30 responses to “About me

  1. Kimberly

    My wife and I would really like to meet you some time. We’re living in Emden as well.


  2. This seems like a really neat blog! I too followed my husband, which took me to the country on farmland in the middle of nowhere. This blog helps keep me sane 🙂 And since you’re from Minnesota, you have a good idea of South Dakota farm life. Looks like you’re enjoying life!

    • Hi there Tessa ! I have actually been to South Dakota. I brought my grandparents who were from southern Minnesota to Canistota for treatment many years ago.

      Having grown up in Minneapolis the only farm stories I have are from my mother and grandparents. If you listen to my mom, farm life is a nightmare with angry chickens pecking at your fingers but grandpa had another version. He thought life on the farm was as close to heaven as you could get.

      I added a picture of the “home-place” to this page. Sounds like you have a home-place yourself to keep you busy.

  3. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog through networked blogs, and boy am I glad. I went through the posts of your home/garden and am I envious!!! When we moved, we thought we would be living in a huge German house with a big yard, but that was not be!! We live in a small apartment with no space for plants…:( We did get to furnish it the way we want and I am grateful for that. I am your new follower and will be coming back often to read your adventure’s.

  4. Hi from West Michigan, USA! I found your blog through your recent interview at Thrift Core. Sounds like you’ve made the most of living in Europe. I’ll be following along to see where your adventures take you!

  5. Hello! Beautiful home and website! I recently purchased a small plate that is Kremmerhuset, metal with a pearly swirl pattern. Do you know where I could find out more about this piece and it’s value? Thank you very much.

  6. Hi, I came across your interesting blog and story! I enjoyed reading how you are using your time in Germany to create a fascinating blog with your experiences. I too, lived in Germany some time ago and have moved around as an accompanyng spouse. I am lived in Minnesota too and have visited Norway . . . lots in common. I am writing a blog too. You are a fabulous example to many women as to how you have turned your expat experience into an opportunity for personal growth and development. Kudos to you! and I look forward to reading your posts.

  7. I visited Haugesund last year and although it was January and it rained a lot I really liked it! Interestingly I wrote a post called ‘Haugesund and the Vikings’ and it has been my most hit post and I think this is because people get directed here when they search for Minnesota Vikings!

    • I love that you make the connection between Minnesota and Norway. Being a Minnesotan and resident of Haugesund you are preaching to the choir about Norwegians, Norway and the wonderfulness of the upper Midwest. Nice to hear that you had a good time in Haugesund. The tourist office spends an awful lot of money trying to get people to come and see the beauty of Haugesund.

  8. I love the title of your blog, it intrigued me enough to come take a peek. Although not an ex-pat I can certainly relate to that feeling of being uprooted; thankfully, you have the blogging community’s support. I saw your recent comment on Andrew’s blog, got curious and here I am. Good to meet you!

  9. Your like on the ‘Hurting’ post is much appreciated. We try hard – but sometimes there are no cigars and we come off rather the worse for it!

  10. Hi, Kimberley. I love your dry sense of humour. I’ve been an expat myself (Kenya, Finland) so I can relate to this easily. Mind you, being a stickler for correct EnglishI’m slightly frustrated when I see ex-pat (someone who used to be Irish?) and even the dreadful ex-patriot (someone who no longer loves his country) used even in official reports and writing by journalists on quality papers. I want to shout, “IT’S EXPATRIATE! SOMEONE OUTSIDE THEIR FATHERLAND!!”

    West coast of Norway – beautiful. I’m envious in summer.

  11. Hi Kimberlee. I found your page interesting. I like your goal of reading 50 books. I’d like to suggest my four-book ‘Caves of Etretat’ series for your evaluation (fiction-cross-grenre: Historical thriller/adventure/action/mysticism).
    Check my website http://www.mattchatelain.com for links to reviews, etc. I have ebooks one and two free through smashwords.com right now. Book one ‘The Caves of Etretat’ reads like a Da Vinci Code but with more meat to it. The rest of the series goes far beyond that and is intended to take the reader on their own adventure as they read the series. It is a spiral story, finishing at the beginning of book one.
    Re-reading the series will reveal new levels to the story but I don’t know if you would count that as reading another book (towards your goal of 50)…

    Good Luck with all your goals and allow me to wish you a wonderful year.


    • Thanks for the tip Matt. I have my list for this year all planned out but I will keep your series in mind for next year. Must be exciting being a published author, I wish you too good fortune in the world of literature.

  12. Hey there, I just stumbled upon your blog and I really really liked it. It’s great that you post a lot of photos along with so many posts about different topics. Please keep it up 🙂


    • My pleasure! You have some great challenges on your blog. I am going to see if I can manage the 30 day book challenge this year!

      • Oooh that’s great! I’m going to try and see if I can do it this summer as well, it has been waiting patiently for me to get around to it. Have fun with it! 🙂

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