All mixed up

The problem with reading a lot before you write is that things get jumbled up. I recently finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and the narration style of that story is hopping around in my subconscious trying to get my attention. I have a back story that needs to be told but am unsure of when and how much. The way Flynn revealed the characters was amazing and kept the story swerving back and forth. The memory of that style is so fresh in my mind it is scratching its way into my story.

I just wonder how do you keep others ideas you like from taking over your style or is your style all the styles you like merged into one? I guess I am asking, how do you know if you are stealing like an artist or like an amateur?

1140 words today – thanks to the wonderful pep talk from Lindsey, the NaNoWriMo Angel

One response to “All mixed up

  1. Looks like it’s an issue all writers and bloggers face. I know I definitely write more creatively when I’ve just finished reading a good book, but it’s hard not to imitate someone else’s style. LOVE these quotes, I’ve got to check out the site.

    And possibly print that out, very inspiring!

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