Search Engine Terms

I saw this on another blog yesterday – and I am deeply sorry that I don’t remember which one but today I am stealing like an artist. This wonderful dame published her favorite search terms that show up on her blog stats. You know, someone typed this phrase in google and then clicked on my site.

This one gave me high anxiety because I thought I had misspelled tomato – but as far as I can tell, I did not.

how to make tomatoe stand

I have no idea how they found me from this reference.

spanking kompetanse

or this one

stages of captivity

I know where this one comes from – an earlier rant about my neighbor – but who knew the problem was so wide spread

crazy neighbor has ocd

This one was very specific and I am still not sure if I have helped them in any way

what to expect as the wife of a german living in germany

And today’s most unusual search term

captive “rubber boots”

Not really sure what to think about that one.

2 responses to “Search Engine Terms

  1. A few months ago, I found out people were finding my blog using google images and by entering ‘ugly people eating carrots’. My worries were confirmed when my face showed up on page 3 when I tried it myself. Ever since, I don’t like search terms.

    • Oh, no, no, thats just not right. I had a similar experience on google plus where someone compared a picture of me to an 80 year old disheveled cowboy. The internet is not a nice place.

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