Staying in Riomaggiore, Italy: Cinque Terre Residence

They don’t really have proper hotels in Cinque Terre and the reason is, these are really small cities. If there was room I am sure Hilton would throw up a monstrosity but with all the landslides, I understand their wariness to invest in property here.

Nope, your best bet is a small, family run accommodation like CinqueTerre Residence in Riomaggiore. This place is a great value with warm and friendly service. 

What you read on is true. This place has a lot of steps but you are here for the view and generally Cinque Terre is no place for wimps, specifically Riomaggiore is a completely wimp-free-zone. OK Monterosso al Mare can take the wimps but you must have the stubbornness of a mule and the endurance of a camel to poke around the other towns.

About 120 steps up from the town center.

Riomaggiore main street

About 60 steps down from the parking on the main road into town.

Here you can look down over the city that sits perched along the gorge. Long ago they built a road over the river and fall, so it is difficult to imagine how they got around when the town was established. Just two families on either side of the river, I would suppose.

The rooms are spick and span and roomy. Our room nr. 5 was an independent building with a public terrace and a private terrace.  Good ventilation with a balcony door and large window but also air conditioning if we needed it.

CinqueTerre residence

The owners were so helpful. If you are doing any hiking – consult with them about the best routes.  Breakfast was wonderful buffet with typical Italian pastries, rolls, meats and cheese and even fresh fruit from their own garden.  Signore makes a wonderful cappuccino too!

There are lots of wonderful places to eat and the owners recommended to us Ripa del Sole which was wonderful and a short walk. If you are looking for guilt-free dining head down to the sea… guilt free because you have burned off the calories going back up the room.

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