La Braderie c’est fini!

The flea market in Lille is now finished for this year. We were very impressed and overwhelmed by the sheer size of this event. We didn’t cover half of the streets so I am not really sure what we missed and we did spend more time than I would have liked navigating crowds.

No less that three meals of Moules Frites, did we eat.

Hubby commented that at times the Braderie looked more like occupy wall street than a market.

I had to take this picture to capture this amazing basket. The shape and intricacy of design is not something you see very often today.

A nice Belgian man ran this tent where they were selling off a collection of 15 000 tins collected over 70 years. I think I was here for over an hour while hubby sat at the nearby cafe.

“Please buy my embroidery”, he cried!

Next time we will bring a wagon to transport our finds.

Alte Post and other signs.

Signs, signs, everywhere signs.

This stand made me want to start collecting leather suitcases.

Louis Vuitton suitcases hold their value well – this one was available for a only 1 700 €.

Takes a while if you are going to give everything a good look.


Plain Jane dollhouses on offer on the church steps.

Very laid back salesman with a little bit of everything on offer.

Need a hand?

The most amazing stand! Wonderful friendly family selling grandmas collections.

Sorting basket, but for what? Cherries would fall through these holes.

Need a rickshaw? The Braderie has something for everyone.

Normally French streets are very clean but during this event they seemed to revel in the garbage everywhere.

What do you think?

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