Eating out in Tuscany: Ristorante at Fattoria la Torre

While staying at the Fattoria la Torre it is very convenient to pad down the steps and cross the courtyard to their lovely dining room. Make your reservation for around nine pm or you might end up eating alone.

The house favorite is the award-winning Syrah which is pricey but very tasty.

I had the Asparagus cream with gnocchi and smoked pecorino, which smelled wonderful. The gnocchi was fluffy and light and the cream sauce mild, unfortunately the smoked pecorino overpowered the entire dish and I was tasting smoked cheese until breakfast the next day.

Hubby had a rich Ravioli with Bolognese sauce, he was very pleased with his choice.

I ordered the roasted pork with roasted vegetables, which was tender, juicy and just lovely.

and a side salad with the most amazing balsamic vinegar I have ever tasted!

Hubby had the Beef filet with Stringaio sauce and roasted veggies. If you don’t specify how you want your steak done – you will get it rare. So speak up, if you don’t want it mooing at you.

Amazing roasted veggies!

And for Dolci, a very nice Panna Cotta. I was so eager to taste it that I took a bite before I remember to take a picture. You can’t see that, can you?

Dinner with wine was around 90 Euro. Last year I think we paid a bit less and there were more people in the restaurant, so I’m not sure if something has changed. The staff was very friendly, more so than last year but I was less impressed with the food this time. Maybe it’s just because I had so high expectations. I would say it’s still worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood!

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