Greener and cleaner with steamer

I recently decided that I hate cleaning the house but I love a clean house. The thing I dislike most is the chemical stink in the house when I am finished. In Norway, I like to clean our hardwood floors with pine scented green soap and the tiles with the french linseed soap Savon Noir, both leaving a terrific scent behind and everything squeaky clean.

Unfortunately, with the hard water here, they do not work. I am left with a dizzying array of products trying to scrape the calcium residue off the faucets. So between carpal tunnel inducing elbow grease and toxic sprays, I was just barely keeping everything shiny.

So, I did a little research and I tried some homemade vinegar remedies and although it made a dent in the white droplets it wasnt quite strong enough. The next recommendation was a steam cleaner. It’s important that they get hot enough to kill bacteria and that the pressure is high enough so can clean tough spots like grout.

Here is my safety equipment for steaming work. We have a pretty good safety record at home and I would hate to blow the accident free days statistic. Pressure cleaning in small spaces is very noisy, so earplugs are really a necessity. 

The pressure nozzle is for crevices like around joints and the wide brush with the soft cotton cover is from general cleaning. Be sure to wipe over with a lint free cloth afterwards to shine it up.

This is a comparison from my first cleaning attempt on the kitchen sink. It took quite a while, so I wouldn’t say that deep cleaning is super efficient but I was really pleased with the results and the rest of the kitchen did go quickly disinfecting all the counter tops and surfaces with the wide brush.

Cleaning the floors were also a breeze and after I removed the residue from years of soaping up the floors, I was really surprised how smooth and shiny they were.

What do you think?

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