I am an Olympic Nerd

I watched the whole opening ceremony live. Well hubby watched the TV and I watched twitter.

I love twitter parties for big events Eurovision, Norway’s Hurtigruten and Opening Ceremonies. The best comments were of the self deprecating kind, like only the Brits can do.

The opening ceremony is probably the only part of the Olympics that I will be watching. I don’t get the summer Olympics. Like why do they have *Hockey at the summer Olympics? Weird little things like that, create a dissonance so great that I really just tune the whole thing out.

But Hubby is very patriotic and will be watching closely every Norwegian participating. I love that about the Norwegians. I guess they think – Hey there aren’t that many of us, so we had better all cheer for this gal/guy otherwise they may become disheartened and not bring us GOLD. There are few occupations that will give you more status in Norway than a gold medal wearing athlete.

OK so the point of this post was just to share this playlist from the opening ceremony. Yes, this is what makes me an Olympic Nerd. After staying up until 1:30 AM to watch the entire ceremony, I got up at 8 am and put together this playlist. All the songs, even the not so cool ones.

There were only three that we not available on spotify, so shall we call this the best Olympic playlist? I think so!

*Note: 04 August 2012 – Hubby has now explained to me very slowly that Hockey can also be a summer sport when played on a field. Ooops!

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