Staying in Tuscany: Fattoria la Torre

This spring we returned to the Fattoria la Torre. We had such a nice stay last year and wanted to get an apartment but for some reason it wasn’t available for us so we stayed a few nights before we moved on to Cinque Terre. Boy am I glad we didn’t stay for a week, we were a little let down by a few changes and the staff seemed curt and slightly annoyed with our presence.

Fattoria la Torre makes some nice wines you might want to bring home with you, if you have room in your suitcase.

We stayed in room 5, which was much more spacious than our last room. I really liked the clean lines and lots of surfaces for our things. There was a roomy closet and shelves behind the bed as well as a seating area and desk.

This room was dark so, you need lights on during the day to compensate. Our air conditioning didn’t work very well, so we had a few steamy nights and to top it off an invasion of spider mites around the bed. Thank goodness for tea tree oil, never leave home without it!

The public spaces are comfortable and attractive. Here is the courtyard for outdoor breakfast noshing. I would definitely, eat out here, because the breakfast room has a creepy security camera watching every move you make, every bite you take.

The breakfast buffet distinguishes itself by containing almost no perishable foods. Even the baked goods are the type that keep for weeks. If you ask at the restaurant, during dinner, they will cook you some hard-boiled eggs for a small fee. That could mean the difference between a decent breakfast or a blood sugar disaster.

An unfortunate new addition to the breakfast buffet was this coffee monstrosity. The Fattoria has 2 really good espresso machines and last year they would make you a nice cappuccino for breakfast. I guess that became too much of a hassle. Skip this step if you have any respect for coffee / espresso.

The best part of our visit was the pool. After a day of sightseeing it was refreshing and the cool water was wonderful. The hot tub also allowed views of the city of Montecarlo. Be sure to get back to the hotel early if you want to cool down before dinner. The pool closes at 7 pm. I do not get this rule but they are pretty strict about it.

Reasonably enough, they do not allow glass around the pool, so you can’t enjoy a nice Montecarlo white poolside. I was a little amazed  that they haven’t found a solution to this – plastic glasses anyone?

As a working farm don’t be surprised to hear a tractor puttering around the vineyards.

Nice, wide open spaces for running and playing.

At 120 Euro / 145 $ per night, I thought this was a little pricey for the level of service. There were not many guests, so maybe others have reacted similarly to changes at the Fattoria. We will definitively be staying in this area again but not at this agriturismo site.

What do you think?

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