Eating out in Rome: Trattoria Cadorna

We were so glad when this little Trattoria showed up in EatRome , mostly because it was the only recommended Trattoria within miles of our hotel. Although the restaurant was very busy, the staff managed to keep up with everyone and we got our dishes in a timely manner. Not sure if I would have noticed anyways since we were having such a nice time chatting about our next destination, Amalfi coast, with a lovely couple from motor city.

We had spent the better part of the evening on the Spanish Steps buying and drinking beer from street vendors there, I really must say is a fantastic deal! Two pints ice-cold beer for five Euro plus the fantastic scene unfolding around us. If it hadn’t been for a gnawing hunger we might not have left. Actually, we had tried a restaurant a bit closer to the Spanish Steps but they didn’t allow guests with shorts after seven pm. So, instead, we took a frightening cab ride back to the Via Flavia with plans of dinner at Trattoria Cadorna and gelato at one of Rome’s better kept secrets.

Our Roman House wine was yummy, as was most of the house wine we tried. Hubby ordered the Antipasti Cadorna with Roman favorites of fried potato balls, fried bread and healthy blob of fresh mozzarella di bufala. He loved it!

Since I had bresaola in Tuscany, it is the only thing I have wanted to eat in Italy and this was one of the best. The oil was fruity and a spattering of lemon juice made the whole thing light and fresh.

Hubby had the Pasta Gricia which is a lovely combinations of spaghetti with bacon, Pecorino, pepper and a light cream sauce. Yum!

I had the Penne Arrabiata, which made me wish there was a yogurt side dish, but was still very enjoyable and definitely something I would like to create at home.

2 courses for 2 people with the house wine made our bill around 90 Euros, which was about average for this trip.

After dinner we dragged our new acquaintances around the corner to the Il Gelato I Caruso at Collina 15, which is open until midnight.  Here we all tried their famous ciocolata extra fondente, which is the most decadent gelato I have ever tasted. They were really busy, so no dilly dallying while ordering please and with almost 35 degrees Celsius, eat up quickly or you will be one sticky mess. Next time, I am bring wet wipes with me for post-gelato clean up.

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