Eating out in Tuscany: Trattoria Montecarlo

Last year our hotel sent us to the Trattoria Montecarlo and we loved it so this spring we wanted to make sure we had a chance to enjoy a meal here again. As with my last trip here I forgot my camera so here are some crappy iPhone pictures. I promise, next time, I will bring a better camera.

After we had ordered we each got a nice palette cleanser, which was a mixture of bread and tomato sauce.

The table wine is a nice Tuscan wine.

Hubby had the bruschetta [bru’sket:ta] one with Pecorino and Pancetta, one with oil and the last with tomatoes.

I had the Bresaola which is salted cured beef  garnished with Parmesan, olive oil  and in this case chicory. I see in the English translations they often call this raw meat or carpaccio like they often translate prosciutto into raw ham. Now, I don’t know many people that would order raw meat and I know even less that would order raw ham, so check with your server if they mean that is dried and salted and not freshly butchered.

Hubby had a nice ragu on penne pasta

Someone had been in the woods that day and they had many specials with Porcini mushrooms so I had the Porcini Risotto which was lovely; both salty and woodsy.

My secondi was a tangy balsamic steak, which I think would have been fantastic served over a bed of arugula. Alone it was a bit too tangy but very delicious in small amounts.

Seems to me that Tuscans like their beef pretty red. My Medium was very red so if you like gray edges ask for Medium Well.

Hubby had a fantastic flavorful Pepper Steak.

Hand printed dessert menu assure that these items were fresh.

We were torn so we each ate half and switched plates midway. The Panna cotta was rich and creamy and the berries and pineapple were naturally sweet in their own juices.

The Nutella and pear cake was dry like a scone and served with a rich with pear pudding and chocolate syrup. Yum!

A double espresso as a finishing touch to a wonderful meal.

Atmosphere: Overflowing with memorabilia, charming, kitschy and very welcoming

Service: Efficient and friendly – our server spoke perfect English and the rest of the family uses a smile to communicate.

Dinner for 2 full meny: 80 euro

Around 6 euro for an appetizer and primi/ secondi piatti around 13

We still love the Trattoria Montecarlo and will be back sooner than later!

What do you think?

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