Can a woman over 40 ride a Vespa?

This is the question that is going through my head since I saw this wonderful Vespa parked by the market in Groningen this past weekend. I am pretty sure there is no written law preventing me from scooting around on this elegant piece of machinery but something inside me says there would be talk.

This wasn’t the only Vespa I saw in Groningen, but it was the one that stole my heart.

2 responses to “Can a woman over 40 ride a Vespa?

  1. Excuse me, but helllll yes!! Ja!! Why wouldn’t a lovely lady, of any age, be able to ride these lovely little scooters?! I have seen women with white hair on them several times in Tel Aviv, and even a cute little old man once! You are so lucky to be in Germany, as there are tons of Vespa Clubs there if you do buy one. New or used, it will be a great investment. Wait, are you in Germany of the Netherlands? Either way, bikes or scooters are a great way for a gal to get around. Best of luck to you and love your photos!!

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