Eating our way out of the Black Forest – Sasbachwalden

On our way back from Italy, we really wanted to stay at the Hotel Engel in Sasbachwalden. Michelin had given Engel’s restaurant two forks and a flower which I think is a good thing but when we pulled up there was a bride and her party having a smoke on the front stoop. We called just to be sure they were full up, and I secretly wished they had one last room so we could spy on a German wedding. I feel pretty sure that there would be vomiting and fist fights involved with this group.

The hotel was booked up and referred us to the Hotel Talmuhle,  their neighbors up the hill where everything was much more, shall we say, restrained. The aging hotel seemed to be popular with the aged pashmina and sweater on the shoulder crowd. When we went to dinner, they were sitting in the garden sipping their Prosecco and most likely chuckling about some faux pas, someone else had made, probably us.

Although we didn’t fit their normal profile for guests we were politely welcomed and since white asparagus was still in season we ordered our most expensive asparagus meal ever! We ate on a poorly lit terrace, so I apologize for the low lit photos.

Our starter was a spicy gazpacho with a side of veggies in aspic covered in pesto. The waitress said it was a basil pesto but coming right from Pesto region in Italy I doubt that. Much too bitter and tasteless for basil.

Along with the gazpacho we were served a goat cheesecake, as you can see, also on a doily.

The asparagus was actually brought to the table under silver dome, which seemed a bit over top. I had the ham and hubby had the wiener schnitzel and it was pretty good. We were a bit perplexed by the Hollandaise sauce that looked more like a thousand island dressing. It was a bit more rich and spicy than a traditional Hollandaise.

Hubby had a creamy creme brulee with a homemade almond cookie.

I had the espresso parfait with caramel sauce and cream. I got a cookie too!

The hotel room was reasonable and came with a nice breakfast which was confusing combination of buffet and order what you like. The only spot on our visit was the local brass band that marched outside our window at seven am shocking us awake. A tradition in connection with the cherry festival, that would have been nice to know about.

You have been warned, if you are in Sasbachwalden the first Sunday in June, don’t get frightened if you hear a really good marching band just outside your window.

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