Mantova outlet center – Northern Italy

About two hours north of Florence and one and one half hour south of Lake Garda out on the plains you will find one of those plastic outlet centers. The kind where the paint is barely dry and the streets go in circles so you can be sure to find all the stores. This place reminded me of those ghost town sets like Old Tucson. I half expected a show where those toothless spaghetti western figures would jump out and start attacking a stage-coach.

That said, it was one of the first of such centers where I actually found some decent deals and a decent meal.

Simple panini with the worlds best prosciutto!

Handbags, shoes, dress shirts and a really nice paella pan. Probably the best shopping day of the whole trip!

2 responses to “Mantova outlet center – Northern Italy

  1. sure wish I could travel like this! we are in the settling stage until the kiddos have all popped out! ha. beautiful pics!

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