Staying at the Grand Hotel Cavour – Florence

Behind this elegant yet subtle facade along the Via del Proconsolo is a wonderful hotel smack dab in the middle of Florence. The Piazza della Signoria or the Uffizi is just a 3 minute walk to right. Need a new Gucci bag because your old one has an icky smudge? Just around the left and 2 minutes straight ahead.  Oh by the way, they can make accommodations for your bodyguards.

Our cozy room was not big but it had everything we needed. The bed was soft, the sheets were silky and the air conditioner kept the city noise at bay and the temp a cool 16 degrees. Celsius.

The bathroom lighting makes the hotels aging clientele look their best. Just a tip – I would check your makeup in natural light before meeting the paparazzi.

The room came with this luscious view, if you lean ever so slightly out over the french balcony. I have ordered A Room with a View on Netflix, just to see if this was the hotel they stayed at.

The rooftop bar affords magnificent views of the Duomo, the Hannibel Lector Tower (sorry Palazzo Vecchio) and the Bargello tower at the National Museum. A great place to exchange sightseeing tips with fellow travelers. We met some lovely people from Australia, Spain, England and of course the US. The service might be a bit relaxed but you will enjoy the wait.

Duomo di Firenza

Bargello tower in the foreground

Palazzo Vecchio

3 responses to “Staying at the Grand Hotel Cavour – Florence

  1. Love the part about room for body guards… and the most unusual mention of all… air conditioning. I shall enjoy your blog since I lived with my German fiancé for a year in Munich… now he’s emigrated stateside… where we’ve been for 15 years… doing as much travel as possible. – Renee

    • Thanks Renee
      I have your blog in my sights now too! During our stay the hotel had several VIP’s and the body guards looked really comfy sitting in plush chairs on either side of the door. I thought maybe it was Strauss-Kahn traveling with witnesses but my fellow travelers pooh-poohed the idea. The air conditioning was necessary to drowned out the church bells, every hour, all night long. I too love traveling but I love it best when I can stay in nice hotels like this one. I am kind of a wuss about things like that.

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