Eating out in Riomaggiore: Ripa del Sole

To find the Ripa del Sole you need to climb to the top of the main street and swing around to the left heading back towards the sea. You will find the restaurant clinging to the right side of the street. There is plenty of seating on the terrace and inside all with lovely views of the city.

We found the staff charming and helpful and appreciated that they are part of the slow food movement. The other guests were annoying tourists just like us but it was a Wednesday night.


I started with a predictable caprese salad which was delicious.

Hubby had a the cheese starter with Parmesano, Pecorino, di fiora sardo and Toma di Pecora Brigasca. The cheeses were served with rich local honey, pear and prune purée. Our favorite was the pecorino with the honey!

Primo Piatti:

Tagliatella with langustines and a pinch of white truffle. Lovely light and flavorful sauce.

Paccheri pasta with beef ragu with goat and pecorino cheese. Rich and filling.

Secondo Piatti:

Local whitefish with caponatina.

Crispy local fish with mesticanza.

Il Dolce:

We both wanted to try the Tiramisu with a little digestive of  the local Lemoncino and a double espresso.

Our first meal in Cinque Terre was wonderful food and atmosphere. This meal for us two cost around 100 euro and well worth it.

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