Thoughts from my first day at German class

Source: via Olga on Pinterest

6 responses to “Thoughts from my first day at German class

    • I agree it would be a great motto, if we lived in France but since we are here it might be nice to know what the natives are whispering. (That is what I told myself when I had to get up at 6 am to get ready for school.)

      Hang in there!

    • I tried “teaching” myself at home and have used the Babble app and a few different books but you can’t beat the classroom environment. We have a fun mix of people in my class so I decided today that even if learning German seems like a terrific waste of time that I am meeting some people that are enriching my life.

      • I wish we had a better group. I’m in with 20 women from all over the place – everywhere except English speaking places of course. Most of which has confessed that they had no proper schooling in their homeland and lack the basic skills to read or write. I don’t judge them but I couldn’t learn at a snails pace for 5 hours a day, every day for 9 months. I loved my teacher though and wish I could have private lessons with her every day!

      • When I learned Norwegian the first year we were only westerners and actually were more interested in the breaks when we could finally speak to each other. My second year I was the only woman among many non-English speaking refugees. Let me tell you I learned very quickly so I could graduate! 😉

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