Learning to make the pasta at Tenuto San Pietro, revisiting Italy



We signed up for a cooking class at the Tenuto San Pietro and not knowing enough about the Italian email culture I totally botched it up.

The last 2 emails were thus:

April 13, 2011

Dear Wife in Captivity,
confirm date and time.

April 12 2011

My understanding is that we are participating in a class on wed the
20th at 11 am. Is this still the case?
Wife in Captivity


I understood “confirm date and time” to be some sort of military-like efficient replacement for “date and time confirmed, over and out” but the expression on their faces when we showed up, made me think that they meant it more like “can we confirm the date and time, just one more time, to be sure we are on the same page?”

I am slowly developing an understanding of Italian communication, but any help and advice would be appreciated. We are visiting Tuscany again in May and I would like to avoid this mistake again. I am in the process of making reservations for dinner in Florence and we are on mail nr. 5 , hotel reservations for 2 different places both on email nr.4 – still don’t feel totally safe that we have a place to stay and eat yet.

So, we crashed the cooking class already in progress, where our chef and some Bavarians were already mixing up pasta. Apparently, Bavarians don’t know how to make pasta. I, being a proud pasta machine owner, felt this was already part of my Suit of Cooking Armor but politely stood by waiting to move on to the risotto or secondi piatti. We never did. But I did learn a lot about pasta and we can now produce a mean ravioli at our house.

You get to eat what you make and lunch was prepared by the kitchen and served on the veranda with a crisp white wine and fantastic view. This was the most expensive lunch we had in Tuscany, at 80 Euros per person, but the experience made it worth while.

viareggio and Tenuta San Pietro 058

If I want to learn something another than a pasta course, we are just going to have to go back. Believe me I have no problem with that!

6 responses to “Learning to make the pasta at Tenuto San Pietro, revisiting Italy

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  2. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog and I am taking cooking classes at this same place in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait! Any tips of things to see in Lucca or places to eat? Great blog!

    • Hi to you! Thanks for stopping by!
      You are in for a treat Tenuto San Pietro is a lovely place! I guess you will have a car since the hotel is out in the middle of nowhere. I would highly suggest a trip to Montecarlo just a 20 minute drive from Lucca. The restaurant at the Fatoria la Torre is lovely. We had a nice afternoon in Lucca both at Enoteca CaLasto and renting bikes and riding on the city walls. There is so much to see in that area. Looking at the church buildings in Sienna, or doing anything in Florence . Have fun and post some pictures!

      • Thank you so much – that restaurant looks great! I will definitely be posting some pics 🙂

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