Fixing iTunes – week 11

When I committed myself to 52 projects in the course of a year I thought I would be sewing, knitting, cooking and baking some of the fun things I pinned on Pinterest. But things don’t always turn out as planned. Pinterest is in hot water and I have been wrestling with iTunes/iPad/iPod issues.

Have you seen this message?

Since updating to 10.6 I have had nothing but trouble on my Windows 7 PC. Error code -42404 was popping up everywhere and I could not log on to the iTunes store, sync my pads or pods. So most of last week went to this tedious chore.

The solution wasn’t contacting apple, although I got some excruciatingly chipper emails from them expressing how eagerly they would like to help me, their suggestions just were not helpful. Just re-installing iTunes may help in most situations but after the 4 re-installs I was looking for slightly more advanced troubleshooting.

Not their fault I would like to mention. After looking at a lot of stupid videos on youtube purporting to give me with a solution I was disillusioned. Seems like a lot of people got new macs and web-cams for Christmas this past year.

I came across some disturbing information that the order in which you uninstall iTunes and other dependent programs IS very important. If uninstalled in an incorrect order it could lead to “unintended consequences” – nice.

So, I installed iTunes again unsuccessfully and then uninstalled it in the correct order as follows:

1. iTunes

2. Apple Application Support

3. everything else (Apple Mobile Device Support, Bonjour, Quick Time, Apple Software Update and any other stray apple apps, just in case)

After a re-boot I installed and then I got some more interesting error messages. Window 7 system error and a host of messages about different .dlls that were missing.

Now, all this is happening in our new home, that isn’t quite finished. Last Thursday they took the scaffolding off our dock which was nice because they had promised to do that 2 months ago. Throughout this irritating troubleshooting I have can play no music and have a parade of workmen on our dock. Tall, short, grumpy, leering, friendly and above all stressed men bumbling around with power tools and wondering if its their fault that the woman behind the glass is pounding her fists on her desk. 

I wanted to make macarons last week but instead I was staring at mac forum threads and secretly missing Microsoft Knowledge base. Alas the solution/ problem was Microsoft – my Microsoft .Net Framework 4 Client Profile was corrupt. Highlight | Repair and then re-install iTunes. Oh Joy!

All is well in the world now and I can focus this week on macarons. I have been reading the recommended tutorials/ articles posted on David Lebovitz, ordered almond flour from Pati-Versand and have let my egg yolks get old in the fridge so it is looking good for macarons this week.

A word of warning from Cnet about iTunes 10

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