Hotel Atlantic Kempinski – Hamburg

We had such a nice time at the Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg in December and then with jetting off to Minneapolis right afterwards I just plumb forgot to share my pictures from our lovely stay. I am not going to say anything mean about them apart from, do not, under any circumstances, order treatments at the spa. More on that later.

A huge renovation taking place at the hotel but it didn’t bother me a bit. I was in the middle of NaNoWriMo and I had no problem concentrating.  The staff in the reception were friendly and helpful. We were in Hamburg trying to learn to speak more German because well they only speak Plattdeutsch in Emden.

We may have to go back in May because, well, one week does not a fluent speaker make.


Housekeeping was great, if you don’t mind four guys in your room doing the turn down service. Was that mean? The hotel’s restaurant is a pricey Chinese place on the first floor, where the food was fine but the staff was a little too attentive. No, you don’t need to refill my glass every time I take a sip.

The highlight of the hotel was the swimming pool in the basement. It was the perfect temperature and just the right relaxing blue color. We swam until our fingers pruned and then we were too tired to go and find dinner. So, we tried a little room service which was just wonderful!

OK, I have to tell you about the SPA. I had ordered massage for hubby and a facial for me. Hubby is not really a spa guy but he knows a painful massage when he gets one. My treatment started off by being abandoned with eyelash tinting gel oozing into my eyes and ended with saying quite firmly “yes, that did hurt”. Needless to say no one was tipped.

Our last visit to Hamburg.

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