Easter eggs – week nine

I have not decorated Easter eggs since I was about 12 years old and even then I am not sure that I even did it then. If I think about it I can recall the smell of vinegar and green egg yolks.

So my project of the week was decorating some eggs for a tree and some for eating. Blowing egg yolks out a little hole made hubby a little nervous, he thought maybe I might give myself some sort of brain injury. So, he took over only to abandon the project after he started worrying about his own brain.

If you are thinking about doing this yourself, let your eggs get to room temperature before you start making your holes and huffing and puffing. Also clean your eggs really well before you put your lips on them and then remember every article you have ever read about salmonella.

I liked the look of the marbleized shimmery eggs so I picked up a little kit at the grocery store. Not understanding anything on the package I just started opening the vials and rubbing the gel on the eggs, not really getting great results. Hubby intervened with his superior German reading skills and well I should have let the tubes sit in warm water until the gel was a liquid. Duh!

Do over.

On the do over everything went much better which goes to show that knowledge is power.

Warm up the tubes in hot water. Put on your gloves.





Rub on color, let eggs dry.






Rub on shimmer, let eggs dry.


Ta da! Easter egg that will last forever!


What do you think?

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