The Palace Hotel – Copenhagen

This month we stayed at The Palace Hotel situated next to the City Hall and kitty-corner from the Tivoli in Copenhagen. The space in front of the hotel is undergoing some huge renovations and is a terrific mess. This renovation of the Rådhuspladsen will transform the area into a lush green paradise, at least according to the receptionist. 

The hotel is ancient but recently renovated in classic Danish design, which means that it is pretty and minimalistic but not very functional.

Nice bed but the comforter just reaches the edges of this king size mattress. Which leaves you sleeping in the middle third of the bed fighting for warmth. Pretty bathroom but too bad 60% of the water from your shower runs on to the floor. Which is the reason people leave their towels on the floor. Did you hear that hotel designers of the world?

I must also mention the beautiful wool carpeting of obviously high quality, most likely specially designed to the exact specifications of the hotel. Unfortunately, it makes you nauseous if you look down while walking. Does this hall remind you of the movie The Shining? If not, try the elevators because they definitely will.

Annoying design errors aside, the hotel is very centrally located next to the city hall not more than 200 meters from the entrance to the Tivoli and about 125 paces, slightly more if you have very short legs,  to the start of the best shopping street in Scandinavian – Strøget. On my first visit to Copenhagen, in the early 90’s, this end of Strøget was filled with poster shops and what I would call reggae paraphernalia boutiques but these are gone and replaced by clothing stores with attractive price points.

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