Wonderful Copenhagen – trip two

A fortnight ago we spent the weekend enjoying Wonderful, albeit sub-zero, Copenhagen and the cold didn’t matter, the kind Danish hearts will keep you warm. The Danish travel board says that it is Stupendous to be Norwegian in Denmark and that has never been more true.

The prices were nice and selection was wonderful. We came in on the tail of Fashion Week and the stores were bursting with new merchandise and the shopkeepers eager to show off the latest styles. I came across more than one sale at 70 % off .

All the Danes, young and old, were parading around unabashedly in their sables, minks and foxes. PETA has obviously given up in Scandinavian, which I can’t blame them. It’s too cold for synthetic clothing up north. You have to trim a sheep or slay a mink to keep warm and with fleece filling our oceans up with plastic, humane fur farms may be the best option, but that might be another post.

I have been to Copenhagen before so the challenge was to do something new this time and we, by golly, did just that. We visited the Danish Design Center and checked out their exhibition Danish by Design that runs until the end of next year. It was fun to learn about the things that we didn’t know where Danish Design like some fancy colostomy bags as well as the pretty chairs that are uncomfortable to sit in.

We took a boat trip from Nyhavn to the Royal Danish Theater to check out the free concerts in the foyer. One of the staff sopranos interpreted Cole Porter and although I
prefer Sarah Vaughan’s rendition of It’s De-Lovely it was a wonderful experience if not only for the people watching. A lot of ascot sporting Germans filling up the chairs. Although I would have thought if they were so posh they would have been in the balcony watching La Traviata.

Since we were getting comfortable with all this high culture we trotted over to The National Gallery of Denmark to check out the world’s most wonderful painter Vilhelm Hammershoi. Is that overstating it? This exhibition includes Whistler’s Mother and other motherly paintings and it was so surprising to see some of these well-known pictures. Hammershoi was amazing at capturing light as you can see in this picture (left). If you want to see 15 variations of this picture completely different because of the time of day you had better high tail it to the museum before they move this show out-of-town.

The National Gallery also had a showing of the eccentric and talented
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. From what I could surmise from his pictures I think had a deep hatred for women. He depicted them in the most unflattering ways but he did make my most loved poster for La Tournee du La Chat Noir .

What else? We wandered on Ravnborggade and looked at Antiques and visited a brewery which made yummy cherry beer. Not everything needs to be so fancy smancy.

Interested in more about our Copenhagen trip?

Radio Restaurant

The Palace Hotel

4 responses to “Wonderful Copenhagen – trip two

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  3. Just got back from Copenhagen (one day only, unfortunately). Loved the city and saw the touristy stuff like Tivoli, but everything was so expensive (where were those 70%-off sales, I wonder).

    • Scandinavians like to think that high prices equates to a high standard of living. That’s why they are smiling most of the time – the “highest” standard of living in the world. I don’t know if you have seen the Frugal Traveler’s article about a 100 weekend in Oslo but the poor fellow slept in a tent and nearly starved to death.

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