Eating out in Copenhagen: Restaurant Radio

Inspired by the photos from Remodelista and the impressive pedigree of the owner and employees,  we ate lunch at Radio during our recent stay in Copenhagen.

The restaurant is a two-minute trip on the Metro from Kongens Nytorv to Forum and just right across from the train station. Our reservation was for one-thirty on a Friday afternoon so most of the lunch crowd had cleared out.

We ordered the five course menu along with a delicious Brouilly. Our starter was a surprising sautéed Jerusalem artichoke with fresh cheese and sea weed.  Served with fresh-baked whole wheat bread and roasted garlic butter.

The next dish was Cod in a dreamy frothed potato cream, it was topped with what I believe was dehydrated and then crushed Greek black olives, decorated with watercress. It looked like Oreo Cookies ice cream and tasted like north sea heaven! The consistency of the froth was thick and creamy, the fish was tender and light and the crunch of the olives made this the most amazing dish.

Oatmeal and shallot porridge served with oatmeal crackers and garnished with dill and dill oil was an inventive and interesting combination.

Italian cheese and mango purée drops cleared our palate.

Our next dish of organically fed chicken with parsley pesto, cabbage steamed in soya sauce with Parmesan foam was delicate and exotic.

Dessert was a real treat with freeze-dried almond espresso meringue, milk ice cream, candied beets in vanilla sauce with caramel dots decorating the plate topped with bitter chocolate flakes.

Four hundred kroner for a full small plate menu was a great deal. The service was pleasant and helpful, atmosphere was warm and inviting. Use their online booking for your next trip to wonderful Copenhagen.


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