Busy getting ready for Lent and thought I would repost the rules from last year. They don’t really change that much. But I did come across some interesting ideas from Stephen Cherry’s Blog : check out Ten ideas for Lent.

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I am not Catholic but I love the restrictive nature of their religious traditions. As an ala carte Lutheran, where almost anything goes, it is refreshing to have some rules put on the table. So as with last year, I am giving up something for Lent.  It went really well last time so this year I am going to push my limits.

My interpretation of the”instructions” from ehow on how to properly observe Lent at home are as follows:

  1. Decorate with purple to symbolize resurrection
  2. Soul searching and focus on self-improvement
  3. Pick a food or drink and abstain from it for the 40 day fasting period
  4. Give up something you love for 40 days
  5. Ready your home for Easter by doing some proper cleaning

No problem, I can do this.

So all this fun starts on Wednesday the 9th of March.  Plenty of time to decide on the details and make ready for Lent…

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One response to “Lent

  1. i’m also not catholic ( i’m mennonite) but i also practice giving up things for lent. in the past, i’ve given up things like sugar, coffee, chocolate… that kind of thing; but in recent years i’ve been a little more thoughtful about my choices. for 3 years in a row i gave up criticism – i found myself being somewhat self-righteous in my criticism of others so i decided to try and see things from someone elses’s point of view, realizing that they’re just as passionate about their opinions as i am about mine. so i decided that if i found myself being critical of someone, i’d stop, try to see it from their point of view and then find a way to encourage them in an honest way. it was very challenging (that’s why i did it 3 years in a row, took a long time to incorporate that in my life!) i’ve also give up anxiety for Lent. this year i’m adding something. my son and i started a blues band and are working on a Good Friday Blues service, reasoning that the blues must be the most appropriate music for this day. the lenten addition is a blog http://goodfridayblues.wordpress.com which i will update each week on friday (with the first song blog starting tomorrow on ash wednesday) so it’s a more meditative thing this year for me.

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