Little Miss Muffet is moving up and out – week five

Week five brings a boring but necessary project. I am packing up glasses and things and moving from this little country cottage and into the city center.  We have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.  This cute little cottage has proved to be a less than pleasant place to live. Apart from the house not being very practically designed, it requires a lot of maintenance but for me the worst part is the constant battle with nature.

A thatched roof is like its own ecosystem and living in a house with a thatched roof forces you to live unusually close to nature. Birds, rodents and bugs are literally crawling all over the house. In the course of my normal weekly housekeeping, I have added vacuuming walls and ceilings but I still haven’t managed to eliminate the spider population in this house. And the summer thrips, oh goodness, we have replaced two laptops because those little devils have crawled into the screens and destroyed the pixels.

While we were away on our Christmas holiday, the heating system shut down making the house frosty when we came home. We got the system started again and after a few days we had a normal temperature in the house. This period of cold in the house was enough to convince all the little spider eggs that winter was over and it was time to come out and start their new lives. Within days there were baby spiders everywhere and a steady stream of teeny-weeny spiders were streaming out from under the bathroom vanity, heading for a nice damp hiding place inside my bath towel. Ah, what a joyous surprise!

But its not all gloom and doom, we have been pleasantly surprised by somethings. Last summer, I did get to watch some handy hunks fixing the thatched roof. We have ducks in the dam, a forest pigeon that perches on the chimney and coos to us, bull frogs croaking in the flower beds and moles making holes and tunnels all over the garden.  Last week there was a terrible raucous in the garden and upon investigation I discovered a lonely pheasant wandering around looking for food or company.

There are many deer in nearby fields and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if one wandered into the garden.  Although, I was quite surprised last year when I heard a hunter nearby shooting these lovely does and a stray bullet hit the wall next to where I was sitting. I hit the ground now whenever I see an orange vest.

I have taken so many wonderful pictures in this garden, I am going to miss the beauty of the symmetry in this garden. Our new pad is brand-spanking-new and actually not quite finished on the outside. It is the total opposite of this house: cranes and railroad tracks on the horizon, modern, bright, and right on the sea. I love it!

Happy weekend!

2 responses to “Little Miss Muffet is moving up and out – week five

  1. It sounded wonderful until you mentioned spiders, which seem to like to bite me, and the red, itchy welts take days to calm down and go away. And then there’s that bullet. Ah, country life. Makes one think twice. Thanks for the great post.

    • Agreed, spider bites are the worst! Be careful what you wish for a country cottage isn’t just cozy bliss 🙂 PS We are much more happy in our bug-free home.

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