Cranberry walnut scones – week three

I looked at a lot of recipes for these scones. We had some wonderful berry scones at the French Meadow Bakery in Minneapolis and I was looking to recreate something like this. Believe me, there are a lot of scone recipes out there and they are so different. I had trouble finding the commonality in them. So, lazy cook that I am, I picked the one with the least ingredients and I trusted that the English knew what they were doing in the scone department. After baking them I not sure that they do…

Recipe is basic scone recipe courtesy of the BBC. I added one cup of re-hydrated cranberries and chopped walnut and omitted the brushed egg on the top. They were quick and easy but I am not sure I would make them again too. I think I might try one of the more complicated recipes just to kill time.


Note: I have now found a usable recipe for scones. There is probably a better one out there and if you have please let me know.

My criteria for a usable recipe is that the goodies can be modified without messing with the chemical balance of the recipe, that it uses staples I have in my little pantry, I also insist that it not more tools than a spoon, a bowl, a cookie sheet and a working oven.

That’s not too much to ask is it? So when The Joy of said that their recipes were tested I thought this is exactly what I was looking for.

This recipe for Blueberry Streusel scones has been mixed by hand in a bowl without blueberries and with no intention to use the streusel topping. I have tried it with walnuts and white chocolate and dates and walnuts both with Rye and Whole Wheat mix and tasted much better than the original BBC recipes and even the link in the comments section.

Oh pictures, well I will have to be fast cuz hubby is eating them faster than I can change my SD card. Next time I promise!

2 responses to “Cranberry walnut scones – week three

  1. HA! No more British recipes for you eh? Well scones *should* be their strength! Which other complicated recipe did you end up trying?

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