Pruney pork

This recipe is a double hack. Hanne hacked it from Linda’s dad and I hacked it from Hanne.  Not sure if I got all the creamy goodness that Hanne did but I am pretty pleased with the results.  Hubby was thrilled until he heard there were prunes. He paused, turned up his nose but when I shoved a tasting spoon in his mouth it was a different story. mmm yum and after his second helping he was still mmmmming. Not a bad sign.

Big thanks to Hanne and Pappa to Linda!

Serves 4

1 European (smallish) pork tenderloin, chunked
1 cup of prunes, chopped finely
fresh ground pepper
Herbes de Provence – to taste
good red wine
two small onions, chopped
two cloves of garlic, chopped
1 liter beef bouillon
1/2 – 1 cup of cream

Heat pan until warm. Toss in meat chucks and brown all edges. Add prunes and heat until melty. Add herbs and a cup or so of wine. Stir well and reduce until most liquid is gone.

Toss in onions and garlic and add one liter of beef bouillon reduce to half. 15 minutes with the lid on and the rest with the lid off.

Add cream to the reduced sauce until you achieve desired creaminess and consistency. Taste your way to a heavenly rich and comforting dinner.

Serve with cooked almond potatoes or rice and a nice green vegetable.

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