Resolutions anyone?

2012 is my last year in Germany on this super-extended-vacation-like-existence so I would like to make every moment count. That means I need to break my own rule to not make any resolutions and especially resolutions that are hard to keep or will give me a guilty conscience. Guilt can be a strong motivator.

Ten thousand steps taken outdoors per day

Being outside is so refreshing and I am such an indoor person that I need this resolution to keep from getting moldy. To keep track of the the ten thousand steps I am using my Nike+ shoe insert and app. To make new and exciting routes I will be using MapMyWalk.

Five hundred words written on paper per day

I write many thousands of words on the computer every day but I am crap at keeping in touch. I recently found a box full of letters from my younger years and it was so much fun to read what was important to my friends and their responses to my questions. So I vow therefore to write, on paper, letters to friends and family, to acquaintances and to editors of newspapers both when I am pleased and displeased.

One project completed per week

Any kind of project. New recipe perfected, something sewn, grown or woven will be completed each week, I do so solemnly promise! No excuses! That is 52 projects in 2012. This might even make a dent in my fabric pile, but probably not. If I run out of ideas I can go to my Pinterest board Projects I love for inspiration.

One trip to somewhere new every month

We are so lucky to be so close to so many interesting cities and attractions so we should really seize the moment, pack a bag and see the sights. One trip every month, and it is cheating going somewhere we have been before. This resolution is going to stretch my imagination and comfort zone most.

Fifty books read or heard per year

Last year I challenged myself to read 25 books during 2011 and I just made it. I read so many great books and my list of books I want to read has not gotten any shorter. This year I am going to read or listen to 50 books before next New Years Eve and I hope to finish the monster Napoleon book that I read 5 pages at a time before summertime.

3 responses to “Resolutions anyone?

  1. wow! those are big resolutions. my goal is to move – my body, that is. i want to be active in some way every day, walking, yoga, tai chi, whatever it takes. i also want to write for pleasure. good luck with your resolutions – i’ll look forward to your book reviews! (i’m currently reading Sister Brothers, and highly recommend it!)

  2. Gleder meg til å få brev 😉

    Jeg skal legge meg tidligere om kvelden i ukene. Det er mitt nyttårsforsett.


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