Christmas market in Haugesund, Norway

The past two weeks I have stood outside in near gale winds selling my wares in a little shed on the city hall square. It was wonderful! Not only was it tons of fun to see that I am not the only person who appreciates the beauty of an old bucket but it was wonderful to be among so many happy people during this busy Christmas season.

I have sold most of the bits and pieces I have collected these past years (look under thrifting if you are new here). I do still have a few pieces left but not more than one can stuff in a garage.  I was really overwhelmed by the positive response and, with the Christmas market committees goodwill, I hope to be back next year.

In the meantime, I have started a little blog in Norwegian Brocante a la Tante Pus where I will be blogging about my finds from flea market runs and junk shop finds. I hope that it will mostly be pictures because my written Norwegian is highly laughable and rife with grammatical blunders but you should be able to get the drift.  I have made an easy to find link in the menu above for my multilingual readers.

Now a little resting before Christmas, being a shopkeeper takes its toll.

Happy Advent to you all!

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