No matter where you live the events in Oslo have touched you some how. Monday evening hundreds of thousands gathered in the streets in Norway with torches or roses to come together and grieve. The message was clear, the only comfort we need now is togetherness.

When 200 000 people marched into the square at city hall for the rose parade, Prince Haakon said, today the streets are filled with love, we cannot let this action change us. The poem To the young (besieged by enemies), 1936 written by Nordahl Greig has been central in the mourning. I found this version in English that I wanted to share with you.

Faced by your enemies
On every hand
Battle is menacing,
Now make your stand

Fearful your question,
Defenseless, open
What shall I fight with?
Where is my weapon?

Here is your battle plan,
Here is your shield
Faith in this life of ours,
The common weal

For all our children’s sake,
Save it, defend it,
Pay any price you must,
They shall not end it

Neat stacks of cannon shells,
Row upon row
Death to the life you love,
All that you know

War is contempt for life,
Peace is creation
Death’s march is halted
By determination

We all deserve the world,
Harvest and seed
Hunger and poverty
Are born of greed

Don’t turn your face away
From needs of others
Reach out a helping hand
To all your brothers

Here is our solemn vow,
From land to land
We will protect our world
From tyrants’ hand

Defend the beautiful,
Gentle and innocent
Like any mother would
Care for her infant.

Pictures are from the Memorial Rose Parade in Oslo Monday evening. Four to five minutes into the video Herborg Kråkevik sings the poem above along with the other 200 000 people gathered at the City Hall. It is quite beautiful.

What do you think?

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