Hurtigruten -The longest tv show ever

The Norwegian broadcasting network (NRK) is now showing the longest consecutive tv show ever. Hurtigruten Minute by minute presents the journey from Bergen to Kirkenes live.

The production has taken the northern part of Norway by storm and brought the people of this lightly populated area down to the coast; to wave, sing, dance, show off their brass bands and in an un-norwegian public display of affection, make marriage proposals on poster board.

Norwegian twitter accounts are buzzing about whether Karen said yes and everyone agrees that Norway is about as pretty as pretty can get.

When I first heard about this I thought this was a tremendous waste of license fees but this is genius. Very addictive slow tv and I just can’t tear myself away.

Catch the last day of this historic live coverage on NRK as it nears Kirkenes and experience the midnight sun from the Hurtigruten, Norway’s hardest working cruise ship.

More info:
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 *for articles in a language you don’t understand use a nice translating plugin, it makes the world even smaller

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