Gadding about in Chur, Switzerland

On our way back to Emden from Tuscany, we spent the night in the odd little town of Chur. A cosy town with cobblestone streets, historic buildings and outdoor cafés filled with heavily tattooed bikers. The contrast was striking and slightly unsettling.

While looking for a suitable place for dinner, we found the most wonderful furniture store, with the world’s worst web site. They had everything I would want in my swiss chalet, if  in fact I had one.

We finally came across the Michelin approved restaurant Kornplatz after wandering around the town center. While perusing the outside menu, we saw a smartly dressed couple go in for dinner and hesitated. We were still in our traveling clothes, although not as bad as the backpacking couple that later wandered in full mountain gear, just shoes with no socks casual. The chef saw our hesitation and came to the door. He smiled warmly, appraised us and then asked where we were from. “Norway” hubby said and open sesame, the red carpet was rolled out.

They had asparagus on the menu and hubby’s favorite veal. I can not stand the thought of veal after reading Diet for a Small Planet in the early 90’s, so I choose the white asparagus with sauce Maltaise. We chose a local wine that paired well with the asparagus and it was so local that the grower was at the next table.

The next day on the way to the car park, we came across these fabulous Mad Max like sculptures.


I just love the little things she has in her pockets and where did she get those fabulous shoes? On our next visit I need to check out Antik ambiente, I have a terrific feeling that they also have accessories for my imaginary chalet!

What do you think?

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