Climb every mountain – Seebodenalp

While visiting family near Luzern, we got the chance to check out Seebodenalp. The view is spectacular, you can see Zugersee and Luzern from the same spot. Switzerland is a very compact little country. We drove down to Italy on highway 2 and drove up on highway 3, little did we realized how close they were to each other.

Our host was telling us about the Bergrennen Küssnacht Seebodenalp held in September. The noise and smell of burning rubber fills the valley and everyone comes out to see veteran motorbikes climb the winding road up to the very spot where we were standing.

If you are interested in more than just mountains and meadows, I have snapped some pics of Swiss digs.

Traditional Swiss house

Modern Swiss housing

Either way you get the same fantastic view, low taxes and low unemployment! Yeah Switzerland! Oh, I forgot to mention that it is one of the most expensive places in the world with Norway as a close second. Lake front property in this area runs for about 1600 USD per 10 square feet  or 1200 Euro per 1 square meter. Yikes!

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