Street fashion Florence

I believe in Karma. This is important to know because my actions are not always rational, well, my husband would have you believe this. For example, I often give beggars money. If I only have a 20 dollar bill and someone asks me for money. “Here you go, have fun.”

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What a pushover you might say. Why should I give away my (husband’s) hard-earned money. Well I figure, if someone really needs it enough to come over to me and ask for it, they must really need. I do stare them down a bit to check if they seem truly earnest, they almost always win my heart. I am actually far more skeptical about giving money to the Red Cross than a pan-handling stranger.

Such was the case while walking towards the Ponte Vecchio. Amongst the padlocks were a group of students and one was crying to the crowds “please give us money, we are hungry” she truly did look hungry but in a student traveling across Europe way and not a Ethiopian drought way. She and her friends hopped up and down and I got no less than 3 hugs from these poor hungry South African dears. We have family traveling in South Africa and I do hope someone would do the same for them if they needed it.

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