Antiquing in Ostfriesland

This month we have visited the last 5 shops on the Antikroute in Ostfriesland. This is our second visit to some of these shops and my general impression is you get a better deal closer to the Netherlands. We have had lots of luck at an antique shop in Gronau.

The Antik & Kunstgewerbe Meyer in Aurich was full of fantastic finds, as well as fantastic prices.  Antiquitäten Alte Schmiede and Antikhaus Blomberg are run by the same family with different specialties. Blomberg has a slightly more rustic farmhouse pine furniture, while Alte Schmiede is fulled with classic antiques; quality is high, presentation very pleasing, and the prices seem fair.

Arnos Antikhof in Fulkum has lots of artwork and large furniture, in the barn you can find some fun rustic pieces. I really wanted to bring an apple cupboard home with us but hubby reminded me that we don’t have any apple trees in Norway.

Hubbies reward for driving me around was a trip to Automobil & Spielzeugmuseum Nordsee in Norden. Filled with all sorts of goodies from days gone by. I caught a glimpse of someone else’s passion for collecting (read: hoarding). Looks like they had a lot of fun picking up bits and pieces throughout the years.

What do you think?

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