Eating out in Montecarlo: La Nuova Fortezza pizzeria

We went slightly over budget a few meals and needed to lower our average dinner price. So I asked in the hotel reception if there was a pizzeria that baked in a stone oven.  Well all the pizzeria’s in Montecarlo have stone oven, that was a dumb question, but there was one that had a thicker crust that we might like better, she thought.

We are not afraid of Italian thin crust pizza, although my pointer finger is still sore from cutting through some particularly tough thin crusted pizza we survived on when we traveled to Terracina a few years back.

Despite our budget we ordered antipasto to share and the most expensive pizzas they had, along with a 1/2 bottle of wine and water.  Our food was so good that we were back a few days later – nice to have a break from a 3 hour-long dinner sometimes!

The staff was charming, most of the guests were local and the prices were amazingly reasonable.  Our average bill was around 20 euros. Grazie!

One response to “Eating out in Montecarlo: La Nuova Fortezza pizzeria

  1. Awesome price, and great food! Yumm I think you just made me hungry. By the way I received the book today ❤ ❤ thank you so much!! I will be blogging about it these week so I'll let you know!

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