Doors of Montecarlo

We have been home from our vacation a little over a week now and I have lots of pictures and tidbits I would love to share. Instead of one long post I am breaking our trip into little bite size pieces.

We started in Strasbourg, continued to Como and arrived in Tuscany, specifically Montecarlo for a week of sensory indulgences. On our return we stopped in Switzerland, a country we have primarily driven though.  I was very pleased with our trip and I hope you too will enjoy this virtual journey.

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Most vacations I am wild about taking picture of alleys and stairs but this time I was most fascinated by the handcrafted doors and doorways. Here is a taste from the village near our hotel, Montecarlo population 4 500.

3 responses to “Doors of Montecarlo

    • Thanks Meg – same to you!
      This trip I took door accessory pictures, still cataloging them but they will be coming soon!

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