Strasbourg, where France and Germany collide. Part 1

It looks like Germany but acts like France. On our recent trip through Strasbourg I was struck by the contrasts in the city. The architecture feels Alp-y but the attitude is all French, baby!

We stayed at the Best Western Hotell L’Europa on the edge of Petit France and the service was warm and friendly. The rooms, while small, were nicely outfitted.  Our room faced the street and we got an earful when the bars closed but i think it would have been better if we had closed the window.

The next morning we began our walk around town and within minutes from leaving the hotel we were at the other Cathedral Notre Dame. This one is just as amazing and crammed into the middle of city. If you want to take some spectacular pictures of the entrance, which is where most of the story unfolds, wait until afternoon when the sun swings around to the front.

We had heard good things about La cloche a’ Fromage and found it tucked in a narrow street just a few streets from the Cathedral. When we saw white asparagus on the menu we forgot about the cheese and I am embarrassed to admit we did not eat a nibble of cheese at the world-famous cheese restaurant.

After lunch we followed the other sheep around the city, enjoying the canals, lovely timber-framed buildings and although we were tempted by everyone eating gelato we were holding out until we got to Italy.

If you are planning a visit to Strasbourg check out AngloINFO for great local info in English brought to you by their amazingly well-informed expat community.

More pictures from our trip in Part II.

5 responses to “Strasbourg, where France and Germany collide. Part 1

  1. Wow, looks like you had nice weather for it. Did you find a goopy quark-like cheese available everywhere in Strasbourg? It seemed to permeate our trip there last year. It was good, but slightly overkill for (seemingly) every meal.

  2. I only spent a day in Strasbourg during Xmas when I went for a marche-noel. I always regretted not returning. The food is amazing! Your hotel room looks lovely! Thanks for contributing to my French Frolick!

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