Easter 2008 – Seljestad, Norway

Easter 2008 was spent at a cabin in Seljestad, Norway. Seljestad is located in the county of Odda and is around 600 meters over sea-level. Not exactly a mountain but bigger than a hill.

It is not unusual for Norwegians to travel to the mountains for Easter vacation. With many public holidays between Palm Sunday and Easter Monday for 3 vacation days you get a delicious 10 day vacation.

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Easter in the mountains in Norway means cross- country skiing with your lunch in your rucksack. This lunch should be a couple of slices of whole wheat bread with a slice of cheese or salami, an orange and a Kvik Lunsj which is a like an american Kit-Kat. Your thermos should have coffee or cocoa and you should have some cold juice.

Back at the cabin, there is probably a leg of lamb stuffed with garlic and bathed in rosemary roasting in the oven. Board games and old-fashioned fun are an important part of family time at the cabin. Crime series in book or tv form are also very popular, this time of year and everyone gathers around the TV in the evenings to find out who done it.

God påske or Happy Easter!

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