Worldwide WordPress 5K – Emden City Center

WordPress is a great blog host! I love them! Everyday heroes helping the little people make their voices heard.  They encourage, cajole and have a great sense of humor. They are like all the other programmers I know and love.

So, when they suggested we bloggers get our tushes out of our chairs, take a short break from blogging and do a 5K, I said heck yeah! If I was going to do the first intentional 5K of my life, I thought I would do it somewhere pretty and take some pictures and share those pictures with y’all.

I plotted and poked around on Mapmywalk, unintentionally posted some stupid updates to Facebook, and made a map that took us around the pathways in Emden. Although, it is entirely possible to embed this map into a web page, the nice people at WordPress get a little edgy about embedding and JavaScript, so you will have to follow the link on the map to see my route.

Here is what the embedded object would have looked like, well, minus the user friendliness.

I love the cauliflower-y shape of the route. We did a trial run on a bike and I would not recommend that. The path was a bit bumpy for my city tires but for my feet, it gave a nice variation from soft, gravel and hard packed terrain.

We had a great day for our walk, 16 degrees Celsius and sunshine. We stopped for ice cream since it was so warm, and it is not hard to find an ice cream shop anywhere in Emden. Near the end of our journey we stopped in our local Jacques Weindepot, which is run by the nicest German I will probably ever meet, and picked out some thirst-quenching elixir and wandered back to our car.

I am having a lot of fun mapping walks in this area, in Haugesund and will be making some maps for our upcoming trip to Tuscany.  Nice way to share some insider information with people visiting the area. I hope anyone visiting Emden in the future will enjoy this walk.

One response to “Worldwide WordPress 5K – Emden City Center

  1. Hi I found your blog on BC and I thought I would pop in for a look. A great idea with the walk and shoot. I think I better get out and do that myself.

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