Spring cleaning

As I was doing my spring cleaning, I noticed that I have a high Ikea vs. Thrift Store ratio 5:3 for big items but an encouraging 3:17 for small items.  After many hours of puttering the Cd’s are now sorted by genre, photos stored by year in photo boxes, table waxed by bees and ready for a feet up evening.

PS: I did wash the windows but only after I saw the pictures. Hey, nobody’s perfect.

2 responses to “Spring cleaning

  1. Sadly, our Ikea:anything-else ratio for furniture is something like 10:1 these days. But hey, it’s 5 countries’ worth of Ikea, so maybe I can call it a collection of international artefacts. 🙂

    • Thanks for the subtle reminder of appropriate mathematical symbols( / vs : )! Ikea rocks!
      I have been meaning to ask you how the conference in Manchester was.

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