Emden for a weekend

We had visitors a while back. Normally, we would have shown them the sights in Groningen or Oldenburg, but with gale force winds and hubby under the weather, we needed to find something closer to home.

“What about Emden?” they asked. Emden? What could we do there? Well, I have become a bit of a snob about Emden. I prefer to spend our weekends exploring larger neighboring cities.

We have tried Emden but I think we are spoiled for selection in Haugesund and the contrast is just too great. We have wonderful restaurants and fantastic shops in Haugesund, actually surprisingly many for such a little place.

While in Emden, we noticed several beggars on the street, many vacant shops, and the shops that were open, were of the dollar-store variety. So we tried, we shopped and dined in Emden and learned that you CAN spend a weekend in Emden, but not much more than that.

Ten things you need to know about Emden!

  1. Looking for a gourmet meal – give it up! Emden is all about comfort food. Get a great Argentinean steak at the busy Steakhaus Hacienda or check out the local specialty Grunkohl at the Golden Adler.
  2. Emden does have a great art museum and exciting exhibits. Do check out the Kunsthalle Emden and stop by Cafe’ Henri afterwards for cake and a spot of tea.
  3. Emden is a wonderful pedestrian / bicyclist friendly city with a wonderful series of paths along the old city wall. Get away from the traffic and get lost on a quiet path that will take you through back gardens and tree lined trails.
  4. Stay at the Upstalboom Park Hotel – great service and a wonderful breakfast.
  5. Emden fashion is an oxymoron. Fleece, jeans, and hard-toed shoes are standard attire anywhere you go.
  6. Emden has one nightclub the Tropicana, which according to our taxi driver is frequented by everyone, young and old.
  7. Emden is home to 29 bunkers. Check out the bunker museum to get the low down on these but watch out for their spotty opening hours.
  8. The shopping area is spread over six streets, so weave your way around the town center starting at the harbor.
  9. Remember that Emden is the end of the road and not a center for the area. Most Emdenites go to Leer, Oldenburg, or the Netherlands for shopping and fun.
  10. Skip the festivals that Emden hypes up. It is much nicer to wander around the town without the wailing shanty choirs, smell of fried food and ferris wheels lining the streets.

What do you think?

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