Thrifty new guestroom

American bedroom set circa 1967 from Lane in dark walnut looks oh so Scandinavian today.  I wonder how many of these ended up in a landfill? Thankfully salvaged from my mom, who was sick to death of the looking at it.  I know I didn’t want it to end up on craigslist, but I was a little uncertain how I was going to work it into our eclectic but still mostly traditional interior.

Ralph Lauren Putney Twill

Ralph Lauren’s staging for Putney bedding gave me the inspiration for the colors I needed to go with the dark wood. We are not quite there yet but getting closer every day.

The furniture has been rubbed down with turpentine and then massaged with furniture oil. It is on a strict NO Pledge diet from now on.  Proper bedding is waiting until my next trip over the pond. Europe seems to be a Ralph Lauren bedding free-zone, so I just need patience.

Total cost?

Bedroom set =free plus transport over the pond (around 1000 dollars)
Accessories = 20 dollars
Picture = won at art club

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