A little bird told me…

…about the Brave Girls Club and I just wanted to tell you too.  These two gals Melody and Kathy are truly shiny, happy, people who want to share their bliss.

Everything about the Brave Girls Club appeals to me. The fun colors, artwork, and the message is positive and uplifting straight to its core.  If I was anywhere near Idaho I would be off to Brave Girls camp for 5 days of fun in the Rocky mountains. (Gosh, I miss going to camp!)

Instead, I am planning on joining their Soul Restoration course. Now, I don’t think my soul is seriously damaged in anyway but 40 odd years will take its toll on a soul, and I am curious how truly fabulous my soul can be.  At the very least I can enjoy the pretty, ruffle-filled, interface.

If you are just as curious, grab your laptop and go straight to bravegirlsclub.com and check it out, they are giving away access to the online course every day until the 4th of April.  If you need a little more time to consider their concept check out the Brave Girls club Daily truths that show up in your email every morning with a pretty bird and a thought-provoking message.

What do you think?

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