Make your own tomato stand

So, maybe you want to make your own tomato stand, but flying all the way to Norway to take a class with Drude at Søreskogen in Skjold does not fit into your busy life. Do not despair!  I have prepared a handy step-by-step photo tutorial for a tomato /peony / whatever-you-like stand.

You need:

bucket /planter
rose trimmer
26 willow shoots – mine are dried, if you clip from a living tree be sure to let it dry out a good long while or your stand may start spouting

Start with a standard bucket or flower-pot filled with dirt. Set on a table or bench with lots of space to work.

Place a shoot about a hand width apart until you have come completely around.

Set three shoots into their own opening. Thin end on the inside.

Start with the shoot to the left, over two in on the third. Coax the shoot and don't bend. Weave the second shoot over two and in the third. Third shoot same procedure.

Follow the same pattern. Weave one shoot at a time, past two and in on the third.

When you get to the end of the shoot, place a new shoot in under the old and weave over two and in on the third. Add the other two shoots one at a time, leaving the old behind. Trim after everything is woven in place.

Fasten the 6 woven shoots with a lock. You can either lock it in place with twine or a shoot. If you use a shoot place a short stick in front, place the thin end in front and wrap the rest of the shoot behind and around several times.

Remove the stick and poke the thick end of the shoot in space the stick was.

Pull tightly on the thin and thick end in opposite directions until you have a secure lock. Trim the ends.

Secure the first ring with as many locks as you think necessary. I have used 4 on this stand.

Add as many rings as you need. This stand is going to hold up an Artemisia Cana that has been flopping about.

Make sure to lock the second ring in place.

Optional: criss -cross for extra plant support. Feed shoot alongside another shoot, bent and feed shoot alongside shoot on opposite side.

OMG – I just realized that maybe it is better to hop on a plane to Drude. She does a much better job of explaining than I do! Good luck and happy gardening!

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