Bye bye baby

I have been mourning the passing of Minnesota-born Jane Russell. The past few weeks I have watched old movies and sang along to Two Sleepy People and Is there anyone here for love. When I was growing up Channel 9 always had a Saturday midday matinée and it was always a classic.

This is where I learned valuable life lessons. Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend, Bringing up Baby, Pillow Talk, Easter Parade, Blithe Spirit, Singing in the Rain, and my absolute favorite Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. I just loved the brunette with the mouth on her.

Lorelei Lee: [Lorelei is holding a tiara] How do you put it around your neck?
Dorothy Shaw: You don’t, honey, it goes on your head!
Lorelei Lee: You must think I was born yesterday.
Dorothy Shaw: Well, sometimes there’s just no other possible explanation.

Ahhh, it was so nice to see a beautiful, irreverent, brunette that sang alto. I will truly miss you Ms. Jane Russell, you were deeply admired!

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