Illuminating the entrance

We have a hallway in our house in Norway that needs a pendant. I am not looking for an ordinary light, I am looking for something mind-blowing.


House built: 2009
Style: Grungy thrift shop / Scandinavian comfy

The space is lit from three windows, a wall sconce, 3 spots and stair spots on a dimmer. So the point is less about the light and more about the statement.

The room is 16,8 m2 or 4,90 by 4,40 meters (around 160 square feet or 15 ft by 14,5 ft) with the staircase along the east and south walls. The hall is open to the second story making the ceiling height 5,5o meters.

Here is the space:

Here are the candidates:

Candidate number one from enPieza Studio is a chandelier made from Bic ballpoint pens.

Upside: The sense of surprise when you realize what you are looking at. I also love the arts and crafts look of the fixture.
Downside: Paying 3200 USD for 400 dollars of Bic pens, but that is art.
Price: 3200 USD for 120cm x 90cm (3 ft 11 inches by 2 ft 95 inches) so it is lots of bang for the buck.



Number two from reMade USA is a cute chandelier made completely from grannie’s old doilies.

Upside: I love the pattern it makes on the wall and ceilings.
Downside: I am afraid that dust and light are going to make it yellow and that it is too small.
Price: 850 USD



Candidate three is a refined piece made of bisque porcelain (I love bisque!) from Boatswain Lighting.

Upside: This is perfect, elegant without being fussy and perfectly timeless.
Downside: Here I am following some tried and true advice “If you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it. “
Price: not published on website



The fourth candidate is available from several sources. Form Nasielsky has a much nicer finish but Dutchbydesign has a nicer shape.

Upside:I think this would be cute with vintage cut crystal glass so you get some shimmer from the lights.
Downside: Maybe a bit weird with wine glasses in the entrance?
Price: 420 USD and up



Candidate five is technically not a chandelier but it definitely is something I would love to have hanging in my entry.  I have coveted this fabulous piece of art for many years now and finally have a place I could hang it.  This installation from Bodil Sund would be dazzling, lit with spots and directional lighting.

Upside: This is beautiful from all sides. Inside the cup is an embroidered heart which would be a surprise for anyone walking upstairs!
Downside: Hubby has hesitations about hanging a bra in the entry, not really sure why.
Price: last time I checked it was around 6000 USD



Number six is a classic chandelier from Anita Kotzerke’s shop in Leer.

Upside: Uses the space well, warm lighting, never go out of style.
Downside: Maybe a bit boring?
Price: around 4500 USD



Lucky number seven we found at the not really for flowers flower show in Oldenburg but we have seen others like this at antique stores.  It seems the Germans like to rob French castles of old light fixtures.

Upside: Shabby, rusty and lovable! They recommended have blown glass plates put in to give a little shimmer to the light. It is possible to block the bottom so you don’t have to look up at the light bulbs.
Downside: It needs new electrical, glass, and a mounting bracket.
Price: 1250 USD



Eight is great! The last candidate is my absolute favorite and why would it not be. It is drop dead gorgeous and suitable for anywhere. Ylighting I bow before you humbly and say thank you for such a wonderful fixture!

Upside: Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!*sigh*
Downside: None! We may have to sell the house to pay for it.
Price: $15,480.00 USD .


Other ideas that did not make the cut for various reasons : Clothes pin chandelier Scheisse by Northern lighting,  and the Eclipse Chandelier from Ochre.

One response to “Illuminating the entrance

  1. It would be fun with the bra. I just can’t imagine why your DH would not want that hanging overhead when he came home.

    Thanks for the tip! I will be checking out the artist’s work.

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